Hair Replacements

Hairdreams Microlines System

The Hairdreams Microline method integrates a virtually invisible hair net with high grade human attached hair into your existing hair, a special bonding is gently and durably worked into the hair to hold it in place. Unlike wearing a wig, you can shampoo your hair whilst the Microline remains in place, enabling you to play sports, sunbath and generally gain the confidence back to do all the things you haven’t been able to do for a long time. A Microline can be used for all levels of hair loss, from severe thinning to just adding in extra volume. There are 10 standard designs in total that are ready made and be received and ready to fit within days, for more complex hair loss issues, a custom design made from a template of your hair situation is also possible. After an in-depth assessment, the desired result can be achieved giving you back a new lease of life. A specialist cutting technique is used to blend the added hair into your own, giving a natural appearance to the finished look.