Sarah Sullivan - Hair Consultant/ Salon

I have been a hairstylist for over 20 years, and always had a passion for adding hair to clients that have fine hair and really need it as I suffer with this problem myself.

“The transformation is fantastic, and seeing my clients' face when I have finished is the best feeling ever! I began working for Hairdreams UK as an educator and technical consultant in 2018 after spending two months in Austria, working in the couture salon in Vienna and the Hairdreams centre in Graz with the fabulous Hairdreams team. I was taught the Hairdreams way of applying extensions and  recieved intense training in the Microlines (non-surgical hair replacement system). Whilst in Vienna, I began to realise just how many people, both male and female suffer from hair loss, caused by so many different triggers."

In todays world, many people are suffering from stress and anxiety and many have lost their confidence, this was the reason behind opting for a small intimate area that clients can escape the hustle and bustle and just feel at home. I operate an appointment only system and only ever see one client at a time, unless of course the client requests to bring along a friend or family member to their appointment to either have their hair done together or just for moral support. I decided that although I’m still very passionate about general hairdressing and my outlook within the industry had changed, I needed to understand more about hair loss...

I  studied Trichology with Trichocare and my career progressively evolved. As  creative stylist, I continue to see clients for cut and colour, and actively educate myself to offer the latest trends and techniques. In addition  I am now a hair health specialist and provide hair loss solutions and clinical advice. Trichology appointments are always done separate to Hairdressing as they are completely independent, and both need the correct time and care.

I look forward to welcoming clients old and new.

The Salon/ Clinic

You will be welcomed with calming music, aromatherapy candles, a nice coffee or a specialty tea. You are more than welcome to come in lounge wear, however if you are a glamour puss we love this too, this is your personal experience and can be adapted to suit you.

Providing you with the best client experience possible is central to our ethos, allowing you to feel totally comfortable and just be yourself without being judged or feeling anxious.

we opted for a calming, rustic and cosy ambience, a unique salon experience that will leave you feeling phenomenal.