Our Ethos

As a sustainably conscious salon, we are part of the Green Salon Collective family which enables us to recycle all our hair cuttings, plastics, cardboard, foil, and empty colour tubes to contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet and environment we live in.

In addition, we use Natulique colours and lighteners which are certified organic, ammonia free and low PPD eliminating the nasties that can contribute to skin and health problems, and much kinder to the hair without compromising on coverage. As a fashion focused salon, we love the beautiful natural and fashion colours within the palette to achieve todays current trends.

All styling products are cruelty free, vegan, many are produced in recycled plastic bottles, and our biodegradable hair colours are made from certified organic ingredients, therefore no nasty chemicals being washed away down the sink. Eco heads are used at our wash basin, this reduces water and energy usage by up to 65% they also filter and clean the water, leaving the clients hair much softer.

All hair used for hair extensions and hair replacements is certified and ethically sourced, meaning the hair was donated willingly by adults who are paid fairly and is never blended with animal hair. We donate the hair extensions removed to a charity to make wigs. We also support the Little Princess Trust and encourage clients with long hair requiring a restyle to consider donating their unwanted hair to this amazing cause.

You are our priority

We provide a VIP service and only operate appointments on a 1/1 basis; the focus is YOU, without any distractions. Clients suffering from hair loss can be rest assured with total privacy during consultations and service.

We operate a no judgement policy therefore we have a gender-neutral pricing system in place based on hair length not on your sexual orientation, we understand with today’s current trends, its common for ladies to rock a short pixie cut or a guy to enjoy long locks, therefore a reform of pricing makes it fairer for all. We welcome LGBT and are proud supporters of TransFriendly.

We have a rigorous cleaning regime, all areas are cleaned, and equipment sterilised/ sanitised, you can rest assured that the salon/clinic will always be clean.

Listen, Adapt, Learn

We strive for you to enjoy your experience at Lotus Hair Restoration and are happy to adapt the service to meet any special requirements.

Reducing our Carbon Foorprint

We are a sustainable, eco-friendly salon, and do our utmost to reduce our carbon footprint in our daily practice. The hair and beauty industry has a huge impact on the health of our planet, therefore, we will do everything possible to contribute to help reach zero emissions by 2050.