Hair Loss

Do you suffer from hair loss?

More and more people suffer from hair loss. One out of two men and more and more women are becoming affected.

The most common reason stems from genetically predisposed hair loss. Other influencing factors that can lead to hair loss are stress, illness, diet, medication, in all of these cases the hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which is produced by the human body, causes the active roots to become dormant, which in turn decreases the production of new hair strands.

 The result? Thinning hair and increased scalp visibility.

Keep scrolling to find out more about Trichology, and how I can help you.


Trichology Consultation

We will discuss your medical history, lifestyle, family history diet & your usual hair care regime during your initial consultation. We aim to make our clients experience with us as relaxed & informative as possible whilst listening to your personal concerns.

We will commence with a thorough but gentle examination of your scalp & hair, using our specialist microscanner (trichoscope) which will study your scalp surface & hair follicle health. Analysis of hair diameter may also be done along with clinical photography for monitoring & referral purposes.

You will then be consulted regarding your diagnosis with our recommendations & options for treatment to manage your condition. We may advice further investigations with your GP or other medical specialist. A detailed report will be forwarded in writing within seven days after your consultation.

Optional Next Steps...

Hair Loss Therapy

With an analysis of the hair and scalp using a special trichoscope, together with an in-depth consultation, a bespoke treatment plan can be devised to suit each clients requirements. This is a combination of in salon and at home treatments, progression is carefully monitored, in most cases after just a short period of time, severe hair loss will be reduced and hair volume visibly increased.

Laser Phototherapy & Theradome

Laser Phototherapy is effective in treating hair loss when the correct optimal laser energy dose is administered. With the correct dose, cellular response is triggered, hair growth accelerated, hair density and quality are improved and hair restoration occurs.

Fagron Trico Test

The Fagron Trichotest is the most complete genetic test for alopecia, analysing both genetic factors and other characteristics.
Suitable for any clients who have tried different treatments with little or no success.

A full report with an explanation of your genetic characteristics and their relation to alopecia treatment will be provided for you, along with a personalised treatment plan and recommended prescription.